Episode Thirty-Two - Where's the Plunger?!

Explicit Episode Thirty-Two - Where's the Plunger?!

0 0 about 1 month ago
We're back after three weeks off!
Seems the world didn't right itself while we were away.
BUMMER or BUGGER (for Chris)!

2020's gone. YAY!
2021's here. YAY (maybe)?!

The calendar flipped, but the script didn't. 2020 was a f*cked up year for sure. Like seriously f*cked up! There was no shortage of breaches, sh*tty security stuff, panic, fear, loathing, division, etc., etc., etc.

The new year brings hope, right? Hope for a fresh start. When the calendar flipped to 2021, there was a ... See More

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